The company is keen to expand its output for corporate clients. An enviable track record and years of experience of producing broadcast television puts it in a pivotal position to make programmes for corporate and government institutions in an engaging and popular way.

We are able to work fluently in most Asian languages and, as can be seen from our credits, we like using the drama and documentary form to impart information.

Transforming Castle Vale

(1 X 25)

Castle Vale Housing Action Trust

Tony Robinson meets the residents of Castle Vale to find out for himself how Birmingham’s largest post-war estate has managed to turn its fortunes around. (More)

Living With Hope

(1 × 30’) UK

Cipla Ltd., Mumbai

An uplifting documentary following the experience of Kausalya, a young woman infected with the HIV virus and living in Chennai in South India. (More>)

Humara Safar

(1 X 25)

NHS Trust

A moving story of a South Asian family living in Birmingham, coping with an elderly member of the family suffering with advanced cancer. The story cleverly unfolds to show how all the family receives support. (More>)

In The Mix

(1 X 20) 1998

Birmingham City Council

A drama-documentary highlighting the consequences of racial bullying amongst young people.

Media Insight

(1 X 20) 1992

Birmingham City Council

A promoptional video highlighting the cultural and economic impact on the city of the Birmingham International Film & Television Festival.

(i) The Wedding (ii) Your Move

(2 X 20) 1988 & 1992

Birmingham City Council & Sandwell Council

Two Road Safety videos, made in Hindi and dubbed into various other Asian languages.

Language is the Key

(1×40’) UK 1985

Commission for Racial Equality

This was the company’s first commissioned work. Filmed in schools in the Midlands and Wales, this documentary tackles the intricate issues surrounding the teaching of English as a second Language and bi-lingualism…(More>).

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