Endboard has been a ‘Factual’ producer for over 20 years. So far the company has specialised in single documentaries or reports but is now actively developing series ideas. The company’s ability to source universal stories from around the world has given it a unique signature.

In Production:

(1 × 75) 2015-16

A feature length documentary looking back at the golden period of Indian hockey which also coincided with its most painful. That of Partition. It’s a story of passion, friendship, glory and pain. (More>)

Adopt Me, I'm a Teenager

(1 × 48’) UK

Channel 4

In America if you want to get adopted, you’ve got to get yourself noticed.

Justine and Lakeisha are two 14 year olds who are doing just that. (More>)

Days and Nights in an Indian Jail

(1 × 49’ & 1 × 63’) UK

Channel 4

This documentary, filmed over one year, tells the stories of a handful of inmates inside Tihar Central Jail in Delhi, the largest prison in South East Asia. (More>)

Buddhists of Suburbia

(1 × 50’) UK

BBC 2 (Everyman)

In this Everyman we follow three Buddhists who are about to undertake life-changing journeys. (More>)


(1 × 50’) UK

Channel 4 (Football Stories)

Remember Italia ’90? Remember Euro ’96? Remember the penalties? Stuart Pearce, England’s No.3 for a decade and a half certainly does. (More>)

Seoul Mates

(1 × 49’) UK

BBC 2 (Under the Sun)

Min-Ah and Hee-Jung are two attractive, twenty-something South Korean women who have fallen madly in love with Pat and Will, American soldiers based in Seoul. (More>)

Mind The Gap

(1 × 58’) UK/Poland

Mind the Gap follows a Sikh family, originating from Kenya, living in London, who emigrate to Australia and finally travel to India in search of their roots. (More>)


(1 × 45’) UK


Orgy enters the very secretive ‘scene’ in the U.K. and, for the first time, follows an orgy from the beginning – preparing the bedrooms, the food and the pubic hair, through to the very end – (More>)

Danger UXO

(1 X 50’) UK

Channel 4

Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos. The Cumbria based MAG (Mines Advisory Group) are helping to clear up one of the most bombed places on the planet, opening up a new project in one of the worst effected areas. (More)

More Than A Game

(1×30’) UK 2004

BBC 1 Midlands

As India and Pakistan clash on the cricket pitch once again, age old rivalries and loyalties are explored amongst the two communities. (More>)

Squeaky Clean

(3×3’) UK 2003

Channel 4

Three short films featuring people with extraordinary bathing habits – from Julie who has business meetings in the bath, to Kirsten who showers with her dog to a group of ladies that wash in their own wee. (More>)

Lending To Destruction

(1×30’) UK 1998


Mark Tully reports from Singrauli. The World Bank is charged with creating a nightmare of environmental degradation and human suffering in India by funding a series of massive development projects. (More>)

The Tiger Trap

(1×30’) UK 1997


The tiger continues its slide to extinction despite millions of pounds raised to save him. Mark Tully visits the sanctuaries in India where he discovers a sorry trail of greed, corruption and bureaucratic bungling.

Last Among Equals

(1×30’) UK 1996


Mark Tully reveals the scandal of caste within the Christian church in India.

Bhopal - The Second Tragedy

(1 × 50’) UK

Carlton TV for the ITV Network

Mark Tully returns to Bhopal, 10 years after the gas leak, to find that the American chemical giant has wriggled out of its responsibility… (More>)

The Pitcher

(1×25’) UK 1994

Channel 4

He’s the cheapest in the country bar none. Watch out for Mick, wheeler-dealer extraordinaire. A riveting look at the world of the pitcher.

A Very Dangerous Practice

(1×25’) UK 1993

Channel 4

An investigation into the potentially dangerous uses of traditional Asian medicines in Britain.

Kabaddi - The England Tour

(1×50’) UK 1993

Channel 4

Teams from India and Pakistan come together in England for a head to head international tournament.


(18×25’) UK 1991 / 1992

Channel 4

Two series of this ancient Indian sport recorded in Calcutta and Delhi. Tournaments featuring the best teams with features, profiles etc.

Many Happy Returns!

(1 × 40’) UK

BBC 2 (40 Minutes)

The extraordinary tale of two children who are convinced they have had previous lives and have been born again. (More>)

Silver Shine

(1×25’) UK 1988

Central TV – Arts Council of Great Britain

Andy Hamilton is a unique figure in Birmingham jazz. This film, shot entirely on location in the city, traces his musical career, incorporating archive footage with a mixture of rehearsals, recording and performance.

Hazel Platts

(1×25’) UK 1988

Central TV for ITV Network

A profile of Hazel Platts, Director of the St. Paul Cathedral’s charitable Trust for the homeless in Calcutta.

Shadows of Caste

(1×25’) UK 1987

Central TV for ITV Network

The existence of the caste system amongst Britain’s Asian community.

Sikh Festivals

(2 X 25’) UK 1986/87

Channel 4

Two films illustrating the way two of the most important Sikh festivals are celebrated in the UK. Filmed in Leicester, Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

Make Your Own Video

(4 X 25’) UK 1986

Channel 4

It’s the mid-80’s and the camcorder has burst on to the market. This is a 4-part series taking viewers through the processes of making a video. Presented by Anna Soubry.

Mirror, Mirror / Sweet Chariot / African Oasis

(25’ / 25’ / 40’) UK 1980, 1981, 1982

Three short films made with grants from West Midlands Arts, Birmingham Film Workshop and the Arts Council of Great Britain highlighting aspects of Black and Asian culture in Britain.

Asian Network Gold

(1 × 60) 2012
BBC 1 Red Button

Presented by Sonia Deol, Asian Network Gold celebrates 100 years of Indian Cinema by delving into the archives and unearthing some iconic performances from some of the biggest stars who featured on the BBC since the 1970’s.

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