Short Films

Over the past few years, Sunandan and Yugesh Walia have been involved with many short films made in the region which have been commissioned by Screen West Midlands, The UK Film Council, Carlton Television and The Birmingham School of Acting

Of these five are of particular interest.

Four of these have been directed by Ekta Walia who has close links with Endboard.


(1 X 10’) UK

Birmingham School of Acting / Dreamfinder Productions

Anna arrives home to find a stranger on her doorstep who can’t remember who she is. She invites the stranger in. As events unfold Anna discovers that there is more to this woman than a simple case of Amnesia. (More>)

Cathy and I

(1 X 18’) UK 2005

Script / Lighthouse Media Centre

Alzheimer’s has made Jayaben a burden to her family but when she meets Cathy they embark on an unlikely friendship, despite the difference in culture and age.


(1 X 7’) UK 2004

Birmingham School of Acting / Dreamfinder Productions

Michael’s average day spirals from bad to worse when his disparaging colleague shows him exactly how he is being betrayed.

Ice Cream Dream

(1 X 10’) UK 2003

Screen West Midlands / UK Film Council

A sweet and poignant tale about a little girl who is desperately shy and longs for the confidence to play with other children and to be as popular as her Dad, the ice-cream man. (More>)

Sikh, Rattle & Roll

(1 X 10’) UK 2002

Carlton TV / Screen West Midlands

Jasbir, a young boy from a traditional Sikh family, is coming of age. He is about to undergo his turban tying ceremony. His friends tease him, his mother reassures him, but more importantly, how can he relate his new image to his idol, Elvis Presley?

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